Creative Piano Teacher

Owner & Director

Dr. Shari Lindblom

(B. Mus (Perf), B.Sc. (Maths), M.A. in Creative Industries, PhD in Music Education).


We teach piano or voice with a focus on the musical, technical and performance aspects.
Students become expressive, confident and knowledgeable musicians.
Discover the joy of learning music and start playing and singing your favourite songs.

All lessons designed for the individual student

Modern teaching techniques

We promote creativity and self-confidence

We show you how to practice (most important)

Our Teachers are

Our teachers at Creative Piano Teacher Online bring a variety of different experiences and knowledge to help students grow.


We love to encourage students to perform and shine!

Dress Up For Themed Concerts (Such As Sci-Fi, Movies, Animals, Halloween, Latin)

Perform for Family & Friends at concerts, on social media, & maybe even public performances


What Our Clients Say


    Student 16 Years

    “Shari is a delightful piano teacher who has inspired me for the past nine years. I have gained an abundant amount of musical knowledge, including technique, musicality, and music theory. Shari has helped me from the beginning of my piano journey and has assisted my advancement across all levels. Her interpersonal skills make communication easy in providing clear feedback on students' progress. In addition to her advanced technical abilities, she is a very patient and understanding teacher, who adapts to every student's level of comprehension”.


      Mother of Students, Aged 10 and 14

      “My boys have flourished musically while at Shari’s studio and have developed a high-level of artistic and technical ability. Guided by her immense knowledge of musical repertoire and performance technique, they have achieved very high results in their exams. Their confidence and understanding of music have grown, encouraging them to be involved in other musical activities. Shari’s mentorship, patience, dedication, passion and skill has helped them become accomplished musicians”.

      Our Intent

      Use creative teaching techniques to make children and adults into lifelong lovers of the musical world. We nurture the seeds of artistic expression and develop students’ knowledge and passion for music. The greatest gift you can give!

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      News & Articles

      Why Sharing Musical Experiences With Your Child Is Important

      Music is a powerful tool – it can spark emotion, build relationships and create memories. Surrounding children with music at a young age has been proven to be beneficial for their cognitive and social development. But there’s more. Research shows that shared musical experiences between parents and children can strengthen their relationship,